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Black List Review


A tongue-in-cheek political dramatic comedy, this film pokes fun in a smart way at the struggles of women in politics, the social burdens women face and, for good measure, the difficulties of marriage and family.

Lead MACY is an accomplished, well-depicted strong female lead whose background is well-explained through the clever device of a documentary. The running gag of physical altercations and broken household items is quite funny and the humorous reactions of the exasperated staff will play well on-screen. Plotting antagonist RODDEN is well-constructed–the type of sneaky, devious guy whose two-faced actions mean inquiry must be made or he must slip up before his true nature is discovered.

The writer has also taken much deliberation and artistry to envision and smoothly execute the scene transitions, setting and camera shots such that they are destined to be creative, eclectic, visually-appealing and just as important a feature of the script’s overall impression as any character. The tone of the script is remarkable and entertaining, utilizing its funny but incisive satire to mock the press and feminist politics. The script’s premise of having a First Lady run for president is refreshing and captivating.

WeScreenplay Coverage

A superb script.

This is one of the few scripts that has ever made me chuckle, simply from well placed jokes and timely delivery . The writer was effective in telling a short, yet effective story that keeps the reader engaged all the way through and crafted a plot that felt both creatively imaginative and viscerally real .

The characters are one of the strongest aspects of the script, Macy in particular . Her character arc is
concise, clear, and poignant, with the audience being able to precisely make out the growth and
development that she goes through .

The dialogue was rich with authenticity and culture, giving a distinct tone to each character that matched their respective environments . It was easy to differentiate between the characters without the assistance of their names .

The central theme so finely intertwines itself with the main character it’s impossible to figure out which came first, the character, or the premise.

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