The Telling 9 finalist awards including Austin Film Festival

Logline: In 14th century Ireland the Irish Rebellion is losing its fight for freedom and its leader, a female Chieftain, is trying to rally support from a battle-weary populace. In response the English Crown banishes storytellers and makes the speaking of the Irish language punishable by death. The Rebellion seems to be losing its voice along with its resolve until a young girl, a gifted Druid and storyteller, starts telling the ancient myths, awakening and calling down the Irish Gods to earth–and to battle. Ancillary property: Book on which the myths are based, available for publication.

Genre: Historical epic/drama/action/fantasy
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Grasse Stains 4 finalist awards including the Paris Prix Royale Screenplay Competition; finalist in WeScreenplay competition

Logline: When an American exec dies before he can seal the deal on a new multi-million $$ perfume project, his younger wife conspires with the hotel staff and an aspiring female perfumer to keep the body hidden until they can conclude the deal for themselves. But their plans are complicated by the arrival of the exec’s mistress and a State Department rep in town to meet with the very dead businessman.

Genre: Black comedy/Romantic Comedy/Female buddy


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Donna’s DNA

Logline: When her boyfriend proposes at their college graduation, Donna decides it’s time she learned more about the parents who died when she was a child. Set in 1979, Donna picks up a backpack and sets off through Europe, uncovering and discovering her parents’ history, and her own story.

Genre: Road trip/Dramedy

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The Chess Queen

Logline: Macy Poydras is the First Lady and the sitting Senator from Louisiana. But when her husband Henry is caught catting around at the beginning of his run for re-election, Macy challenges him in his re-election bid, creating chaos on the domestic and Domestic fronts in a screwball race for the right to run the country.

Genre: Comedy/Political Comedy/Romantic Comedy



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Holiday Alchemy

Logline: A newly separated mom loses custody of her kids at Christmas and, inspired by Hallmark movies, decides to participate in as many holiday rituals as she can in the hope of invoking enough Christmas magic to get her kids back.

Genre: Christmas/Comedy

Father Sun

Logline: When his mother announces she is remarrying, a young boy (Babe) sets out on an odyssey to find the father who abandoned him as a child. Father Sun is the story of Babe’s search for his father, the people who help him get there, and what he finds at the end of his journey. It’s based in part on the Greek myth, “The Phaeton” and in part on the true story of a young boy who managed to sneak aboard a plane undetected, and fly half-way around the world.

Genre: Family/animation

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