The Chess Queen (A Different Story)


Review from the Blacklist: A tongue-in-cheek political dramatic comedy, this film pokes fun in a smart way at the struggles of women in politics, the social burdens women face and, for good measure, the difficulties of marriage and family. Lead MACY is an accomplished, well-depicted strong female lead whose background is well-explained through the clever device of a documentary. The running gag of physical altercations and broken household items is quite funny and the humorous reactions of the exasperated staff will play well on-screen. Plotting antagonist RODDEN is well-constructed–the type of sneaky, devious guy whose two-faced actions mean inquiry must be made or he must slip up before his true nature is discovered. The writer has also taken much deliberation and artistry to envision and smoothly execute the scene transitions, setting and camera shots such that they are destined to be creative, eclectic, visually-appealing and just as important a feature of the script’s overall impression as any character. The tone of the script is remarkable and entertaining, utilizing its funny but incisive satire to mock the press and feminist politics. The script’s premise of having a First Lady run for president is refreshing and captivating.

This project is highly marketable to female audiences and, once tweaked, a project that a studio or producer can release knowing there is a built-in audience. The script’s solid writing and the creative, apt premise make this a likely candidate for a highly-watchable movie. …This script is likely to garner critics’ attention and if made cheaply, could also even turn a profit in independent release. The clever concept, appealing setting in the popular arena of politics, and great writing are also likely to attract high-level talent whose participation will increase box office sales. Overall, this project’s setting, concept, writing and female-centered narrative are box office draws that make the case for a small studio or financier to take the risk and develop then release this film.

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